National Poetry Month

I am going to be vulnerable with you guys today in honor of National Poetry Month.  I was reading More Reasons to Write a Poem and was inspired to share a poem I wrote a few years ago, probably the only poem I have written since I was required to make something for mother’s day in first grade (most likely to the tune of roses are red, violets are blue).  I am not a huge lover of poetry, nor do I consider myself much of a writer but I admire those who can.

Even though poetry is not my first (or second) choice in reading, I feel as an educator, I should be well-versed in it and comfortable sharing my writing with students who might be afraid to write their own poetry.  You never know when you might have Whitman, Dickinson, or Tupac (you don’t have to like rap music to appreciate the poetry in it) in your class who needs some encouragement to write or maybe just the opportunity to express a trial they might be going through. Continue reading