I am a M&M cookie mom.

It is the night before the preschool Easter party and I don’t have the required 6 candy filled eggs or cookies I signed up for to take to the party.  We live in the country, the only options are a tiny over-priced grocery store or Dollar General.  We go straight to DG after church and pick out the pack with 6 plastic eggs (because I do not want any extras in the house for me to step on!) and Hershey Kisses (got to at least get the good candy!) to put inside them and head home only to realize I forgot to buy cookies. At this point I am kicking myself for not getting Sew Sweet Things to make some beautiful and delicious Easter cookies like these for me to take.


Cookies from Sew Sweet Things

Lucky for me, I did buy cookies a few days ago at Kroger: Sugar cookies for Eddie and M&M cookies for me AK. Maybe no one will notice one or two of the cookies are missing.  Fast forward to Thursday morning, AK and I are running in the door with the required 6 candy filled eggs and M&M cookies and I see the cookies the other mom brought.  Imagine with me: a perfect nest created with the no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies everyone loves and in the center of the nest is a single peep surrounded by colorful chocolate eggs. They were beautiful. A Pinterest creation. This mom spent some time making an edible spring scene for all 21 children in the class.  I hand over my M&M cookies, kiss AK bye, and head home to work on homework.

As I am driving home, I keep thinking about those cookies.  Why hadn’t I taken the time to at least make some break and bake cookies or practiced my cookie decorating skills I learned at the last Ladies night at church, isn’t that why I signed up to make cookies?  Oh yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that when they are in grad school.  I think about that mom taking the time to make each individual nest and matching the peep with the eggs around it and I remind myself

It isn’t a competition.  Being a mom isn’t a competition.

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Friday Letters 4.3.2015

Dear Jesus, Thank you for Good Friday and for giving yourself for someone as lowly as me. Can’t wait to celebrate the Resurrection on Sunday! I am looking forward to the sunrise service.

Dear AK, Thanks for going to see Cinderella with me!  I am so glad you enjoy movies and sit still, it was a good day to skip school and spend the day with you.  Don’t worry, I will catch you up on what you missed at K3.

Dear cashier at Target, you are the bomb (do people still say that?). I am so impressed you rang up a buggy worth of Easter stuff without the toddler noticing. That takes skills, they should give you an Easter basket for your hard work.

Dear Lady in the Easter section, Thanks for not judging me for waiting until the last-minute to buy the Easter stuff WITH MY TODDLER. That was super helpful of you to help distract my kid while I snuck a chocolate bunny in my secret bag.  While other moms (who also waited until the last-minute ahem, Judgy McJudgerson) were looking at me like I was crazy pointing at random things in the store for AK to look at so I could stealthily place items in a gift bag from the dollar spot, you started pointing at random things too!  Way to work together for the better of all moms instead of judging each other.

Oh hello April, I didn’t notice you had arrived…other than the massive sinus headache I have had all week.  I am going to need you to bring some of those April showers to wash this crap away.  My black tin roof looks green. Okay? Thanks!

♥ Elizabeth

Pick your battles or choose your engagements

As the parent of a toddler, I find I am picking battles all day, every day.  Such as this one…


Sure, you can wear a crown to school.  Maybe it will promote more narcissism like everyone is talking about.  Everyone loves a narcissistic threenager.  Oh yeah, ALL toddlers are narcissistic, but I digress.

We pick battles every single day: in traffic, at school or work, and in our own homes.  I recently went to an education conference in which the speaker was discussing ways to manage anxious students.  One of the of her suggestions was to

choose your engagements rather than pick you battles.  

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