Friday Letters 3.20.15

Dear Friday, You couldn’t get here soon enough. This week has been crazy and I am not even sure what I did every day this week.

Dear Spring, You’re here! Hallelujah!! I was beginning to worry you would never show your face around these parts again.  Looking forward to brisk morning runs, bike rides, and long walks!

Dear AK, I am going to need you to tone down the sass.  It is really wearing on me. I am hoping spring’s arrival will assist with the problem as we are going to spend as much time outside as possible; go ahead and say goodbye to all your friends on Disney Jr because it is going to be a rainy day before we visit with them again.  Also no matter how many times you ask, we are not changing your name to Rapunzel.  You have two names to choose from A or K or AK, those are your choices.

Dear March, ummm, where did you go?  How is there only 11 more days left?  I have a lot of things I need to get done in those 11 days, so if you could just slow it down a little that would be great.

Dear Girlfriends in God, Thanks for the clutter reminder in your Friday devotion  – That hit home, did you write that just for me?  “It’s one thing to be prudent with our stuff. But when we start to hold onto things with a “just in case” mentality, what we are saying in some small but significant ways is that we are the bottom line instead of trusting in God provision.” Ouch…the truth hurts sometimes.

♥ Elizabeth


Lent: A time for refocusing

Growing up Baptist and Methodist on alternating weekends, I was always interested in the church seasons that are not emphasized in the Baptist church: Advent, Christmas (You know those 12 days AFTER Christmas), Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.  Maybe it is the OCD in me that likes organization, something to prepare for or look forward to next.  I have given a few things up through Lent over the years but since the beginning of the year I have been really asking myself

What in my life is taking time away from serving the Lord?

Like most people I catch myself spending too much time on Facebook, Pinterest, or down the rabbit hole of funny Youtube videos (don’t act like you haven’t lost an hour of your life before watching funny videos).  I have found the biggest time-snatcher in my life is clutter.  No, my house does not look like an episode of hoarders but I seem to have collected many things in my life. I dream of having a home where everything has a place and it gets put there as soon as you are done using it but that isn’t my reality, I have a toddler.

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